Anti-Spam Policy

The following describes the Anti-Spam Policy for our website.

What is spam?

In the context of electronic messaging, spam refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages received via email, typically sent for a commercial purpose (also known as junk mail). In other words spam is flooding the Internet with numerous copies of the identical message, trying to force the message on individuals who would not otherwise choose to get it. We all happened to open the inbox of our email account and found emails from an unknown sender.

There are laws against spam, however they are individual, and for each country and state spam statutes can and will differ, and have distinctive definitions of unsolicited commercial email.

By sending email just to those who have asked to receive it, we at are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

We don’t email unless somebody has filled out a “opt in” form or “web form” expressing an enthusiasm for our information or products and/or services, or generally specifically and proactively asking for it.

You are totally in control of whether you get email correspondence from, and can terminate at any time. Each auto-produced email generated by contains a mandatory unsubscribe link, so you have option to “unsubscribe” and never receive another email communication from


Our No Tolerance Anti-Spam Policy: