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The dream of becoming a digital nomad is about more than just being able to earn money while on the road. It’s about being your own boss and achieving financial independence as the ultimate form of freedom. Aside from this, the ability to telecommute opens up numerous possibilities that weren’t available in the past or would have required you to relocate with your entire family. Finally, it allows people to start building their online careers as side-projects, which means that they don’t have to quit their day-job and in this way expose themselves to unnecessary risk. For all those who find these features and ideas appealing, here are several tips that will help you start making money online.

Freelance writing

The first choice that a lot of people make when they decide to enter the world of freelancing is the career path of a writer. There are several reasons behind this, most notably the fact that everyone has a story to tell and the fact that this particular project is quite low-cost. All you need is an MS Office package, but even an open source alternative like Open Office is a valid choice. As for the additional tools that you decide to employ, this is something completely optional.

When it comes to the type of writing you decide to get involved in, the major choice comes down to copywriting and creative writing. However, there’s nothing that prevents you from pursuing both of these paths at the same time. For starters, it might be a good idea to check out several platforms where you can get some of your first tasks and, once you get comfortable enough, you can even consider becoming a self-publishing author.

Online trading

The best thing about freelance writing or design lies in the fact that it leaves you with quite a bit of time to diversify your portfolio. For instance, while honing your creative skills elsewhere, you can spend some time learning a thing or two about the forex market and how to boost your income in this way. Aside from breaking the monotony, with the right forex broker platform, you should be able to use even some of the more advanced forex trading features in no time. Here, we’re talking about things like margin and leverage.


For those who don’t have any trouble forming and verbalizing strong opinions on various topics, blogging might be just the thing. This especially goes if you have a vast knowledge on a certain topic or if you’re at least passionate about a profitable topic. The downside of this idea is that it A) takes a lot more work than people assume and B) it doesn’t work for those who hope to become rich overnight. First of all, you need to handle the issue of hosting (free web hosting shouldn’t be an option for those who hope to make a career here), as well as figure out the best way to organize your content. All in all, it is a lot of work, but for those who persevere long enough, it can become an incredible source of passive income.

Doing paid surveys

The next thing you should definitely consider is the idea of doing paid surveys online in order to boost your income. Some websites are willing to pay as much as $35 for a single survey. Needless to say, not a lot of people dream about doing this full time, and pulling this off might be impossible in the first place (you can’t do an infinite number of surveys, especially for the same website). However, for those who are just looking for a way to give their budget a small boost without undergoing a lot of trouble, this might just be the thing they’re looking for.

An online juror

In order not to get this wrong, a real online jury is still not a valid legal trend, nevertheless, when it comes to the notion of a mock jury, it’s a completely different story. Attorneys preparing for a particularly troublesome case might want to go to a mock jury site and try presenting their case to random online strangers who fulfill certain criteria. The amount of money to be made this way ranges from $10 to $150 per case, yet there’s nothing preventing you from registering on several such platforms at the same time. Like with some of the other above-listed ideas, you can do this to break the monotony caused by some other task you’re pursuing.


The last thing worth keeping in mind is that, as your financial independence grows, the number of options that become available grows as well. Instead of doing several online jobs at once, you can focus on a single career path and build your reputation and income potential in this way. On the other hand, you can also use your network of contacts and skills obtained in order to start your own agency instead of working for others. In fact, it might not be long until you have an army of freelancers on retainer. Either way, this is definitely something worth exploring.

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