How to test the validity of email addresses

This time we will trying to solve problem faced by all those who need to send more emails to different recipients (unknown people or companies).

You know how it goes. First you are painstakingly looking for the companies over the Internet. Then you are trying to find an email address for contact (which sometimes is not there) or simply run into some lists with addresses. Having a list is also the easiest way because you do not have to search for addresses one at a time.

Get down to business, write an email with your offer and start sending the selected companies. At first all goes well. And then suddenly your e-mail distributor will stop and a message appears: Sending email is blocked! (Or something like that).

Now what? You start to panic. What are the reasons for the blockade?

There are usually two reasons. The first is that you have exceeded the limit for sending bulk mail, and the second is that you have too much mail returned (undelivered). This often happens when you have some old list with email addresses that are broken or no longer exist that bounce back on failed delivery.

So it would be wise, before it ever happens, and before you start to send mass mail, to check if that email addresses are correct.

But how you can do this?

Again there are two ways. First, there is a complicated way (good for geeks) that can investigate validation of every email address, but I will not recommend this. It is way too complicated for beginners and too long (waste your time).

But fortunately there is another way. Use some of websites that can do this for you.

And it’s free!


But first let’s talk a little more about email server blockade. Most of us use Gmail. You must know that Gmail is not designed for sending bulk email and has some limits in place, so you are only allowed to send a limited number of email messages per day.

If you are planning to send an email message to a large group of people using Gmail, you bear in mind some rules to avoid temporary lockdown of your Gmail account.

You can send maximum of 500 recipients (recipients, not messages!!) per day through the Gmail website. If you use Google Apps for Work, your daily rise to 10000 emails recipients per day.

When you exceed this limit your Gmail account will be temporarily disabled with the error on your screen: “Gmail Lockdown in Section 4.”

If you access Gmail via Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail (or other POP or IMAP clients), you can send an email message to a maximum of 100 people at a time. When you exceed the limit, your account will be disabled for one day (error “550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded”).

Double check every email addresses of recipients! If you send a large number of undeliverable messages Google will shut you down. Don’t be sad, it is temporarily!

If you use Google Script, (in the case of Gmail Mail Merge), the daily sending limit is 100 recipients per day for free Gmail accounts. Google Apps for Work accounts has the limit of 1500 emails per day for paid users.

If you desperate want to stay without your Google Gmail account permanently, there is another easy to do possibility. Just don’t check your Gmail account for nine months and your Gmail account will gone away for good, thanks to their program policies.

Ok, that’s about Google. But let’s go back to the main problem, as we promise on the beginning of this article:

How to verify an email address?


The old fashion way to check if an email address exists without sending an email is to find mail exchanger or mail server address and then connect to it. If the respond is 550 the email address is not valid and response 250 means that email was present at the server.
But this method of email address validation is too complicated and too awkward, especially for beginners.
Fortunately, there are some websites out there that will do the job for us. What is common to all of them? They have free service for limited number of email addresses per day (from 5 emails up). They all check every email at 2 different levels. First syntax, to see if the address is in the right format, and second MX, showing us if a mail server exist for a domain. And unfortunately they are not perfect and they cannot verify all email addresses. Some mail systems (for example Yahoo Mail) will always report a valid email address, so we can say that email validation sites do not works for Yahoo. In this case you have to use your own discretionary judgment when attempting validation from this provider.

1.    Email Checker

emailchecker1How you can verify email address with Email Checker? It is easy! Just enter the email address and hit „Check“ button. Then you get answer if the email address is real or not. It’s free service for up to 5 emails and it is quite easy to use. In process of validation Email Checker extracts the MX records from the email address and connects to mail server to simulate a message sending. Sometimes mail servers are not to co-operative in the process, and then the result of this email verification tool is not as accurate as expected. If you want to pay, Premium service has more to offer.

2.   Email Hippo

emailhippo2Just another email address verification site (with technology that connects to mailboxes to check whether an email address exists or not). With this service you can check 20 email addresses a day for free.




3.   Free Email Verifier

freeemailver3If you are looking to verify an email Free Email Verifier is good choice. This email verification tool actually connects to the mail server and verifies if the user and mailbox really exist. Free users can check 5 email addresses per day. It also searches an email owner!



freeemailaddress4Also an email addresses verifier. is source for trusted email verification services since 2010. They have helped countless numbers of email list brokers, email marketers, data centers, call centers, and lead generation groups, reducing their bounce rate during their marketing campaigns. Many users find their free checker useful enough, while others opt to use their bulk checker for larger lists. Batch verification for  Ad hoc jobs start at $25 for up to 3000 emails, and Batch verification start with monthly subscription $79 for 4000 daily allowed emails what is best value for large jobs or regular use.

5.  Hunter Email Verifier

hunter5Hunter is website that will do the verification of an email address to check if it is deliverable or not. At Hunter Email Verifier you can sign up to create free account right away and get 150 free requests per month. Starter plan for 1000 emals request monthly will cost you $52. You are free to take a subscription just for one month and cancel it when your work is done. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. The verifications are never totally sure, but they guarantee that more than 95% of “deliverable” email addresses won’t bounce.


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